CETACEANSOUND-ITALY.Org is an Italian non-profit association. Our priority in all our efforts is to help dolphins and sea turtles in case of stranding along the shores of Marche Region – Italy. We work along 180 km of our coast, from Pesaro to San Benedetto del Tronto; for the protection and development of the welfare of marine mammals include the preservation of environmental resources such as coastal ecosystem.

Cetaceansound-Italy.org in collaboration with Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project, promotes the project:

DOLPHIN PROJECT ITALIA, for the protection of cetaceans along the coast of Conero in the Marche region, in Italy. This project involves the construction of a center for the protection of dolphins, directly into the sea. A structure capable of taking care of stranded dolphins and those have to be rehabilitated after long periods of captivity. It is an ambitious project, which has not similar in any European country.

Our association is founded on a collaboration and communication of sharing resources along with being objective and respective to the surrounding environment. Our projects and efforts are completely to protect all coastal ecosystems and the sea lives in Adriatic Sea and all around the world.

We are promoting the bridge between the marine mammals & humans, we can and are making a difference! 

Our Association is based in Ancona, Marche Region – Italy. Development projects aimed at improving the living standards of man and the marine mammals  welfare and oceans. Acknowledging the animal world in all its aspects, while at the same time respecting the cultures and traditions, to become instruments of knowledge and compliance mechanisms society.

We are in the mist of turning the tides!

Please join us in our crusade of re-joining the connection between humans & dolphins.